03 // Training Camp Winners

July 5, 2019 at 7:06 am by


We have been blown away by the incredible results achieved throughout our
03 // Training Camp and are very proud of the effort and transformations of our UBX’ers. 

We are very excited to now announce your Male and Female winners, who will be receiving our National Prize!


Melissa fights to motivate others

During the 03 // Training Camp, Melissa didn’t miss a single workout. She came in almost every single day with over 30 visits throughout the 6 weeks!

In addition to Melissa’s incredible physical transformations, she saw her athletic progression soar! Her benchmark improvements from WK02 to WK06 were:

1:20min Row – 390m (46m gain)
Push Up Into Clean and Press – 38 reps (8 rep gain PLUS extra 3kg weight)
15 Cal Ski Erg – 39 sec (8 sec gain)

Melissa praises her club team and friends that helped her along her journey, “there is an incredible culture in UBX Alexandria. We all know each other, it’s like a family. The trainers know what you’re capable of and can see your Myzone to push you harder.”

Having been a UBX’er for just over a year, this was Melissa’s first ever Training Camp and on her Goal Setting Sheet she wrote, “I’m fighting to be the first female Training Camp Winner” and she achieved just that!

“I loved the Training Camp playbook. The nutrition plan was great, it was so much more exciting than my typical boring chicken and veg every night. It was so comforting having the nutritionist support telling you, yes you can eat that. I’m still cooking the dishes now. The Training Camp plan was simplified so much, that there was no room for excuses.”

Melissa shared that what she takes away from Training Camp is the ability to inspire others, “I’m fighting to motivate others to do what I did. I feel a sense of responsibility to continue living this healthy, active life to show people that if I can do it, you can do it too.”


Nathan fights to feel good everyday

Nathan’s approach to the 03 // Training Camp, was to increase his training, eat well, get fit and feel stronger. He came in for a total of 24 workouts throughout the 6 weeks!

Beyond Nathan’s incredible physical transformations, he took out a club record with his fitness benchmarks! His changes from WK02 to WK06 were:

1:20min Row – 430m (21m gain)
Push Up Into Clean and Press – 50 reps (7 rep gain)
15 Cal Ski Erg – 21.1 sec (the UBX Palm Beach record!)

Nathan said that his success was a result of pure determination to change the way he felt, “I had some back issues so I really needed to improve my core. Because I was so overweight, my posture was impacted significantly. I relied on the nutrition plan, and stayed pretty disciplined to it. It was a bit of a shock changing my diet, but after a week it got easier. I just put my mind to it, and said that was it, it had to be done, no excuses.”

But he couldn’t have done it alone! Nathan said, “the trainers were very helpful, they gave me the support I needed, and helped to correct my technique. I just really enjoy my training.”

Having flexibility worked for Nathan’s lifestyle, “I’m a tradie so I always eat on the run, and it’s not always the best food, so the nutrition was a big change. I work different hours, so I would train morning or afternoon depending on work. The no start times helped with that, I always made sure I got there most days”

His goal is to now continue to maintain a good diet, train at least 3 times a week and not move backward, “I sleep better, I surf better, my whole body feels better. So my goal is to keep that.”

Congratulations Melissa and Nathan, and to all those UBXers who entered, you too have inspired us all and together, we say ‘WELL DONE’!