04 // Training Camp Winners

December 11, 2019 at 2:12 am by


We have been blown away by the incredible results achieved throughout the 04 // Training Camp and are very proud of the effort and transformations of our UBX’ers. 

We are very excited to now announce your Male and Female winners, who will be receiving our National Prize!

“I fight for a healthy body & mind”_

Our Female National Winner, Naomi had only just joined UBX three months ago, with the 04 // Training Camp being her very first Training Camp experience!

When we asked Naomi what motivated her to register for Training Camp, she laughed and said “FOMO actually! I didn’t want to miss out, and I’m also super competitive”.

She said “I’ve done other fitness challenges before UBX, and I was excited to go into a challenge that had a healthier approach to food and training. I was fortunate to have really knowledgeable coaches in my club that supported me along the way, which you don’t get in many places outside of UBX. I had absolutely faith in my coaches.”

Naomi’s transformation was reflected not only in her apparent physical changes but through her tremendous improvements in her benchmarks.

When we asked Naomi about any challenges she faced, she shared with us, “I had an ACL reconstruction 3 years ago and couldn’t walk for 8 months – I had to learn how to walk again and today still have constant knee issues. I wasn’t sure at first if I could participate in a lot of exercises, let alone excel at them, but I got through it because of the great support network at UBX, and the coaches being aware of my injury so they could help me strengthen myself back up and adjust exercises where necessary.”

Naomi said she went into Training Camp wanting to improve her fitness level and body composition, but her primary goal was to feel good, she said “I wanted to feel healthier, and I feel like I achieved that.”

“I fight to be a good example for family and friends”

Our Male National Winner, Andrew has been a member of UBX Palm Beach for just over 2 years, and despite doing Training Camps in the past, decided that 04 // Training Camp was his opportunity to get back to a fitter healthier version of himself.

Andrew shared, “I’ve done the Training Camp before, but I haven’t really gotten into them unlike the ones before. I did the Nutrition and trained very hard. I’ve been trying to maintain my weight all year, but I felt like I hadn’t really achieved that, so I was determined to get back to where I was, if not better. So I decided to go as hard as possible.”

The results that Andrew experienced were incredible, with an amazing physical transformation, and major progressions in his athletic performance with exciting improvements in his benchmarks.

We asked Andrew what kept him going throughout this 6 weeks and he said, “I had a lot of family support, but especially the team at UBX, my coaches were always there to help me, and talk me through any challenges I had. If ever I had doubts about my progress, they kept me motivated to keep going.”

“I kind of knew what I was in for having been a member for 2 years and having tried Training Camp before, but it was just a matter of telling myself to just make a decent effort and go hard this time round, and really push myself to get those results.”

Congratulations Naomi and Andrew, and to all those UBX’ers who entered.