What types of classes do we offer?

November 30, 2023 at 5:33 am by

Rather than booking into a specific class type, UBX offers a unique workout experience that combines the intensity of boxing with strength training, structured into a scientifically backed Training Cycle.

This cycle spans over seven weeks and includes four distinct phases: Base, Strength, Power, and Peak, each with a specific focus and purpose. This cycle is designed to run continuously throughout the year, ensuring ongoing progression and avoiding performance plateaus, also allowing new members to start at any time.

The Training Cycle

Our Training Cycle follows four distinct Training Phases, each with their own specific purpose.

The UBX Training Cycle is designed for ongoing progression and features 4 key phases

Base Phase

In the Base phase, the focus is on high rep volumes and rapid tempo changes. Exercises in this phase are typically lighter, emphasizing speed and endurance. This might include activities like rower or bike sprints, battle ropes, and fast, high rep padwork​​.

Strength Phase

The Strength phase challenges you to increase the weight load while reducing the number of reps per set. This phase aims to build muscular strength through exercises like weighted squats, heavy deadlifts, chest presses, and intense bagwork​​.

Power Phase

The Power phase combines strength and speed with explosive movements. The tempo of each exercise is modified to maximize output, incorporating exercises like burpees, box jumps, and sled sprints​​.

Peak Phase

Finally, the Peak phase is a de-load phase, focusing on form and technique. It aims to enhance stamina, endurance, and agility, with activities like agility ladder drills, skipping, and technique-focused padwork​​.

This “periodisation” method, used by elite athletes, ensures that your workouts remain challenging and varied, preventing boredom and fostering long-term improvement.

The training methodology at UBX, inspired by four-time world champion boxer Danny Green, integrates boxing combos and drills as a core component of the workout routine​​.

Each UBX gym has dedicated coaches who bring these workouts to life, tailoring them to individual members’ skill and fitness levels.

Join us at UBX, and let’s embark on a fitness journey that will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals like never before.

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