12 // Training Camp Winner – Taryn

December 17, 2021 at 12:13 am by

Introducing Taryn, our 12 // Training Camp Major Prize Female Winner.

Taryn is a mum of 2 kids under 5, and had discovered UBX Flinders View 8 months ago via a Facebook ad and decided it was time to try something new. After one workout, Taryn was sold and kicked off her membership.

In March 2021, Taryn married her now husband and after some months of enjoying married bliss, she was motivated to get back into her training and back to her pre-wedding fitness.

With her husband in the army, Taryn’s day is focused on her son and daughter and her work as a teacher aide, using her UBX workouts as her “me time” and fitting in a session whenever she can morning or afternoon.

Taryn took on the 12 // Training Camp with the goal of beating her Week One Benchmark scores and hitting her goal weight, but ultimately, it was to prove to herself that she could (and she did!).

And in March 2022, Taryn will enjoy her Training Camp prize: a 2 night luxurious hinterland escape in Byron Bay, in celebration of her 1 year wedding anniversary with her husband.

After achieving her incredible transformation, Taryn is looking forward to a relaxed holiday season, with a goal to maintain her results and come back strong in the New Year.



Our 3 Benchmark exercises are designed to track your athletic progression from the start of Training Camp through to the end of the 6 week challenge.

Taryn improved across each of her benchmarks:

  • Anaerobic Conditioning – 1:20 ROW – 1m improvement
  • Muscular Endurance – 3:00 PUSH UP INTO CLEAN + PRESS – 5 rep improvement
  • Power – 15 CAL SKI ERG – 0.1 second improvement

With some overall impressive results, Taryn looks forward to improving even further by optimising her form and technique to unlock even greater scores.


Taryn also saw incredible changes in her body composition:

  • Body Fat Percentage reduced by 8%
  • 1.7kg of Muscle Mass gain
  • Total Body Weight loss of 3.7kg

Our Training Camp provides our members with the Training, Nutrition and Mindset guidance to transform in just 6 weeks – and this was Taryn’s experience:


What was your approach to the Training?

“Depending on my husband’s schedule, I would aim to make time for my workouts either morning or night, in addition to walking the dog daily.

During the camp my husband was away for a month, so any training sessions I could get in was a bonus.

I was still managing to get 5-6 workouts in, by taking my 3 year old daughter into the club with me, then picking up my son from school afterwards. I tried to take them both in on a Saturday but that was madness! So I figured out a way to adjust my routine to make time for my sessions.

More than anything I aimed to keep up the intensity throughout every workout, aiming for the yellow zone every time, and also adding cycling on the Bike as a warm down every session I made in.”


What was your approach to the nutrition aspect of the challenge?

“Once I have my mind set, I’m very focused. I made a commitment at the start of the challenge to stick to roughly 1600 calories intake daily, and tracked my meals to stay on track.

I used the meal plan for the recipes, snack ideas and breakfasts mostly.

I’m a bit particular with the foods that I like, so I mostly used the meal plan as a guide.

I made sure to meal prep every Saturday or Sunday to have everything I needed ready to go throughout the week and avoid temptation.

I was also really cautious of buying extra snacks for the kids to avoid that too.

Training wasn’t so much the problem, so nutrition was the focus.”


How did you stay so committed to the challenge?

“Around the Week 4 mark it started to get a little challenging, especially with my husband away and when I really wanted to relax a little. I had lost 2 kgs in the first 2 weeks, then plateaued at that time, which made me doubt a little.

But I stuck with it, I kept my eye on the prize and then by the next week I had lost more weight.

I’m very competitive so I had my eye on the club prize, but didn’t event think I’d win the major prize!

I just set my mind to creating a routine for myself, which was the most important with nutrition where I committed to the meal prep.”

How are you feeling post-Training Camp?

“My clothes fit so much better, I feel amazing. I want to be relaxed over Christmas but still maintain my results.

And I just feel so much more confident. I even splurged on new gym gear which I feel so good in. And that’s something which is just for me.”


What advice do you have for other members taking on the Training Camp – 6 week challenge?

“Make sure you have a plan. Make sure that you stay on track with your goals and don’t be discouraged if you don’t se results straight away.

Halfway through I took more body photos and compared them to my first photos. I highly recommend it because that’s where I saw a massive difference already after a few weeks which kept me motivated.

Keep going and the results will come. Just know, it will happen.”

Show yourself what your made of – to learn more about the Training Camp and see when our next 6 week challenge starts, head to: thetrainingcamp.com