18 // Training Camp Winner – Sophie

December 22, 2023 at 6:00 pm by

Introducing Sophie, our 18 // Training Camp Major Prize Female Winner.


Meet Sophie, a recent addition to our UBX family who joined our UBX Southport team for the 18 // Training Camp.

Her introduction to our community began with a trial, where our unique blend of boxing, strength, and cardio immediately resonated with her, and our flexible workout schedule was a perfect fit for her irregular work hours in Hospitality. Fueled by a recent trip to Bali, she, along with her partner and housemates, embarked on the UBX challenge.

Sophie set an ambitious goal to train at least four times a week, alongside preparing for a 12km run. Her dedication saw her at UBX 5-6 days a week, complemented by three running sessions. This rigorous schedule was made easier with her partner’s support, turning their morning workouts into a shared commitment.

Post-training camp, Sophie feels stronger than ever. This was her first 6-week challenge, and the results surpassed her expectations. Not only has her gym performance soared, but her running has improved too. She’s energized, motivated, and committed to maintaining her fitness routine, especially over the holiday season.

Here is Sophie’s transformation from Training Camp:



Our 3 Benchmark exercises are designed to track your athletic progression from the start of Training Camp through to the end of the 6 week challenge.

Sophie improved across each of her benchmarks:

  • Anaerobic Conditioning – 1:20 ROW – 15m improvement
  • Muscular Endurance – 3:00 PUSH UP INTO CLEAN + PRESS – 8 rep improvement
  • Power – 15 CAL SKI ERG – 14.8 second improvement


Sophie also saw incredible changes in her body composition:

  • Body Fat Percentage reduced by 6.7%
  • 0.3kg of Muscle Mass gain
  • Total Body Weight loss of 4.8kg

Our Training Camp provides our members with the Training, Nutrition and Mindset guidance to transform in just 6 weeks – and this was Sophie’s experience:


What was your approach to the Training?

“My goal was to train at least 4 times per week while also training for a 12km fun run. In the end I trained at UBX 5-6 times per week plus 3 runs. This was tough but having my partner training with me helped hold me accountable. We got our sessions done in the morning before work. Being on my feet all day at work was bonus cardio.”


What was your approach to the nutrition aspect of the challenge?

“I used an app to track calories and protein intake. I focused on increasing protein with every meal and consuming lots of fruit and vegetables. I also reduced alcohol intake over the 6 weeks. I was more mindful of the meals I ate at work and preparing healthy snacks in advance. Adding protein powder to meals and sometimes taking pre-workout before training helped keep my energy up.”


How are you feeling post-Training Camp?

“I think I’m at my strongest and feel proud of how I did in the challenge. I hadn’t done a 6 week challenge before this so didn’t expect the results I saw. My running performance has also improved. I have a lot more energy and am really motivated to exercise daily. I plan to continue doing fun runs to have a goal to work towards. I plan to stick to an early morning gym routine and maintain my strength, especially through the holidays.”


What advice do you have for other members taking on the Training Camp – 6 week challenge?

“It’s definitely worth putting in extra effort for a short term challenge if you have the means to. Even being able to do a few more burpees by the end of the 6 weeks is a huge achievement. It’s a great feeling to feel so strong and that your hard work has paid off. UBX is such a great gym to get back into strength and cardio training, I couldn’t have finished every session without the motivation of the trainers there.”

Show yourself what your made of – to learn more about the Training Camp and see when our next 6 week challenge starts, head to: thetrainingcamp.com