19 // Training Camp Winner – Adrian

April 2, 2024 at 4:34 am by

Introducing Adrian, our 19 // Training Camp Major Prize Male Winner.

Adrian has been a dedicated member of the UBX family since January 2023. At 43, Adrian relocated to Queensland with his wife and youngest child to focus on health and wellness, but maintains a CEO role, based in Canberra, ACT and regularly travels interstate, keeping life busy.

An avid gym enthusiast and golfer, Adrian’s lifestyle is a testament to finding balance amidst a hectic schedule. Joining UBX with the goal of maintaining fitness, he faced the challenges of a demanding travel schedule, humorously noting his achievement as the “slowest to 100 visits” at his gym, UBX Newport.

Adrian’s story at UBX is more than just about fitness; it’s about integrating wellness into a busy life, proving that with determination, balance, and the right support network, achieving health goals is possible, no matter the obstacles.

Our Training Camp provides our members with the Training, Nutrition and Mindset guidance to transform in just 6 weeks – and this was Adrian’s experience:



Our 3 Benchmark exercises are designed to track your athletic progression from the start of Training Camp through to the end of the 6 week challenge.

Adrian improved across each of his benchmarks:

  • Anaerobic Conditioning – 1:20 ROW – 44m improvement
  • Muscular Endurance – 3:00 PUSH UP INTO CLEAN + PRESS – 7 rep improvement
  • Power – 15 CAL SKI ERG – 24.7 second improvement


Adrian also saw incredible changes in his body composition:

  • Body Fat Percentage reduced by 8%
  • 1.1kg of Muscle Mass gain
  • Total Body Weight loss of 8kg

Our Training Camp provides our members with the Training, Nutrition and Mindset guidance to transform in just 6 weeks – and this was Adrian’s experience:


What was your approach to the Training?

“I love a challenge and decided I wanted to win when I took on this Training Camp. I trained in the gym everyday I wasn’t travelling for work, and when I was, I made sure I found a gym in every hotel I visited across the country. I made sure I focused on hitting high MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) followed by heavier weights than normal.

I set myself a goal of losing 10kg of fat and losing 10 shots off my golf handicap by Christmas. So far I’ve almost lost the fat and I’ve dropped 5 shots. Even scored a hole in one a few weeks ago!”


What was your approach to the nutrition aspect of the challenge?

“As a busy traveller I decided I couldn’t focus on using the meal plans and being able to stick to them. I focussed instead on low carbs and increased meat intake. A 400gram serve of protein each night was the key, as I wasn’t hungry for snacks ever. Salad for lunch every day without fail. And when I did snack, it was delicious biltong. Cutting out beer was a big win too.”


How are you feeling post-Training Camp?

Feeling pumped. High energy levels throughout the challenge and following as I haven’t changed my diet – except at that awesome pizza night that our gym threw for all the challengers on ‘Fight Night’!”


What advice do you have for other members taking on the Training Camp – 6 week challenge?

“Changing long-term lifestyle habits can be hard, but it is your choice. Once you commit it gets easier.”

Show yourself what your made of – to learn more about the Training Camp and see when our next 6 week challenge starts, head to: thetrainingcamp.com