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A Boxing Workout
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Welcome to UBX Training


Our unique Boxing and Strength training offers you a full body workout completed in under 45 minutes. You’ll never have to step into a ring but you’ll learn the sport of boxing from an expert, and you’ll have fun doing it.

What is UBX?


Arrive when you want

Warm-up and get ready for your workout: 12 x 3 minute rounds, with 30 sec rest in between.

Choose your round

Choose your round, find your exercises on the Coaching Screen, and get ready to move.

Get moving

Boxing rounds = bagwork or padwork. Strength rounds = function and form.

Training at our gym


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New to UBX?

  • Arrive to the club and meet your coach
  • Bring your gloves or grab a pair of ours
  • Wrap up your fists with boxing wraps (we’ll show you how)
  • Receive a boxing walk-through so you can learn the ropes
  • Experience the workout with coach support from start-to-finish

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Glove up for a fun, dynamic and results-based boxing and strength workout designed by in-house sports scientists to reach your full potential and unleash the 'fighter' within.

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For those who’ve yet to pay a visit, UBX Training (pronounced ‘you box’) is an Australian strength and boxing gym that has recently set up shop in Singapore. Unlike other HIIT gyms, UBX Training places more emphasis on form and movement.

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