When you come to UBX for the first time, you’ll be welcomed by our club coach who will take you through your first workout.

This will include a basic tutorial on boxing stance and technique to get your started.


Workout on your own schedule at UBX, and never be late for your session! Our clubs work on a boxing timer / traffic light system...

GREEN LIGHT - A new round starts, and goes for 3 minutes, AMBER LIGHT - 30 seconds left, and RED LIGHT - REST, for 30 seconds

This means that you can start your workout at the Green Light, or every 3 minutes - Soon you’ll wonder how you ever trained any other way!


You’ll need to wear active wear and trainers, and bring along a towel and drink bottle.

UBX has 6 rounds of boxing, so you’ll need Boxing Gloves. Don’t have a pair? Our clubs are equipped with complimentary rental gloves for your first workout.

You will, however, need to purchase wraps (if you don’t already have some) to wear inside the gloves, which are also available at our UBX clubs.


You can burn up to 750 calories in a UBX workout, so be prepared to SWEAT (that’s where the towel and drink bottle come in handy)!

UBX workouts are high energy, fun and different everyday so you’ll be targeting multiple muscle groups while staying engaged and motivated.


UBX Training is designed to maximise results through combining boxing with a functional and highly varied strength program, formulated by sports scientists to progress through sports-specific training cycles guaranteed to get you in fighting shape. Our movements are athletic and based on proven methods - you train like a professional boxer without ever getting hit.

Workouts simulate the conditioning, endurance and physical demands you would expect in a 12 round championship fight. There are 12 x 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest between, with a total workout completed in under 45 minutes - the optimal duration for high-intensity training. A UBX Coach is on the floor in every session to monitor your progress, assist with form and technique and assist your progression in boxing. Each day is different with a new workout daily to continue challenging you and keeping you motivated on your fitness journey.


Our in-house team of sports scientists are driven to position UBX at the forefront of fitness innovation.

Training Cycles dictate our daily workouts and are designed according to 4 distinct phases across 7 week intervals. These Cycles run continuously to provide constant progression and ensure our members avoid plateauing. These phases are:

Full-body movements with longer durations, higher repetitions, limited recovery and dramatic transitions to rapidly boost your fitness level.

Increased weight and lower reps for targeted muscular development with a focus on increased range and control across each movement.

Explosive movement and faster transitions to promote strength and speed simultaneously.

Increased plyometrics, boxing combinations, padwork and footwork to encourage speed, agility and faster reaction time in your boxing technique, and promote athletic movement.

This intelligent programming stimulates both the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems to drive complete body results, and build stamina, making your rounds feel shorter and rest periods longer.

You can expect to burn up to 750 calories in a single bout and increase your fitness levels far more rapidly with consistent training.


Our Coaches are an integral part of the UBX experience, offering support, education and guidance to our members. They are highly trained in the skill of boxing to ensure that you have the opportunity to develop your skill through one-on-one padwork each and every workout. Each day, our coaches are on the floor helping you to optimise your technique and get the most out of every session.