Introducing Gene: UBX Milton’s Everest Challenger

February 21, 2024 at 4:35 am by

Gene from UBX Milton is getting ready to tackle Everest Base Camp, a challenge that’s about much more than just hiking; it’s about testing her limits and proving what’s possible with determination and the right support.

Gene recently celebrated her 1,500th visit at UBX Milton, this February 2024.

Why Everest?

For Gene, the drive to conquer Everest Base Camp comes from a love of pushing herself and setting ambitious health goals. She finds motivation in aiming for something big, which keeps her focused on her fitness. “Having something to work towards helps keep me motivated in my training – which ultimately means I am looking after my mental and physical health and wellbeing – and provides the opportunity to really test myself to see what I can actually achieve or what I might not have thought possible,” Gene shared, pointing out how these goals are crucial for her well-being. The opportunity to join the Everest trek felt like the ultimate challenge she couldn’t pass up.

A Personal Connection

Hearing about the treks in Nepal from her husband, Chris, who runs Climbing Mountains and leads these adventures, has always made Everest a fascinating goal for Gene. But it’s the collaboration between Climbing Mountains and UBX that really made her decide to go for it. It was a chance to blend her personal interests with a community she’s passionate about.

Gene (bottom left) with husband, Chris (bottom centre) and other members from UBX Milton taking on True Grit, Qld in 2022

Trekking Background and Excitement

Gene’s no stranger to adventure, having climbed significant peaks and spent time in mountainous terrains due to her work in sports psychology. However, the Himalayas offer a new kind of thrill. “The Himalayas is something else!” she says, excited about the prospect of experiencing its unique beauty and the legendary starting point of Everest ascents.

Gene’s local trekking spot, Mt Coot-tha, Qld

UBX’s Role in Her Preparation

Joining UBX Milton transformed Gene’s fitness, making her stronger and more prepared for physical challenges than ever before. Starting in 2016 after a break from regular exercise, UBX helped her regain her fitness, proving crucial for her mental discipline as well. “It has helped me become the fittest and strongest I have ever been, challenges my mental discipline particularly when there are times I don’t feel like training at all but I turn up anyway, and it has enabled me to be fit enough to try different types of challenges – like getting my Brown Belt in Kyokushin Karate last December at the ripe old age of 51,” Gene notes. She added, “Part of what I love about UBX are the regular challenges that are incorporated either in the day-to-day training from our fabulous trainers, via the 6-Week Training camps throughout the year, or the club/inter-club activities we undertake as a UBX team such as True Grit.”

During a workout at UBX Milton

Looking Forward to the Trek

Gene’s goal is to savor every moment of the trek, from the tough walks to the stunning views. She knows it won’t be easy, especially with the threat of altitude sickness, but she’s excited to share this experience with her husband and other UBX members. “I am really looking forward to sharing the amazing view of Everest and the Himalaya range,” she shared.

All geared up and ready for Everest Base Camp

A Word of Encouragement

To others at UBX thinking about taking on their own challenges, Gene offers simple yet powerful advice: “Don’t underestimate your ability to achieve things you didn’t think you could do. With discipline, commitment, a helpful mindset, setting goals, believing in yourself, and having a laugh along the way, UBX helps you achieve the impossible!”

Gene’s story is a real-life example of how setting high goals and working towards them can lead to incredible experiences. As she prepares for her Everest Base Camp trek, her adventure inspires all of us to think big and push beyond our comfort zones.