Celebrating the Women of UBX for #IWD2024

March 7, 2024 at 6:54 am by

In honor of International Women’s Day, UBX Boxing + Strength highlights the inspiring women within its ranks. These women are shaping the future of boxing and fitness with their drive, resilience, and leadership.

Their stories reflect a deep commitment to fostering environments where strength and determination flourish; they are a testament to the transformative impact that genuine care and passion can have on the lives of others, through fitness.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme, Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,’ echoes our commitment at UBX to creating equal opportunities and ongoing progress towards greater diversity in our network.

Through sharing the inspiring journeys of our franchise owners, managers, and members, we celebrate not only their triumphs but also the immeasurable impact of fostering women’s growth on the broader landscape of fitness and community.

A Commitment to Excellence and Equity

Tim West, co-founder of UBX, proudly shares, “While it’s noteworthy that 37% of our franchisees and managers are women, it’s particularly impressive to see that 70% of our top-performing gyms are owned and led by women.

This distinction highlights not just a step towards balance but a leap towards excellence in leadership within our network, emphasising the profound impact women have when they step into roles of ownership and management in the fitness industry.”

Breaking Stereotypes, One Punch at a Time

UBX is proud to be part of a movement that is breaking down the gender stereotypes and historical biases in areas previously male-dominated, such as boxing.  

“Boxing has traditionally been viewed through a narrow lens, but at UBX, we’re witnessing and contributing to its evolution beyond gender stereotypes. From the sport itself to our valued members and dedicated franchise owners, we’re breaking down old barriers.”

West adds, “We’re creating a space where gender does not dictate one’s ability to succeed or belong. This inclusive approach is changing the face of boxing at all levels, demonstrating that the sport is for everyone, irrespective of gender.”

Celebrating Our Champions

Loryn – Owner of UBX Palm Beach and UBX Southport

Loryn, aged 28, balances her role as a mother of two with the demands of owning two UBX gyms across the Gold Coast and places great importance on mental health and community support for her members. “My main focus for clients is their mental health… it solves so many other factors when it comes to overall health and fitness,” says Loryn.

“Returning to exercise after life-changing events such as childbirth, relationship breakdowns, new workplaces, etc… it is hard to know where to begin with exercise and health. Having female faces in an environment that can be so male-dominant, means females who need that nurturing and understanding about where they’re at have somewhere to go.”

Speaking of the ongoing pursuit of both a business career and family, Loryn said, “It is so difficult to have both and to give 100% to both. Every single day is a challenge (a very rewarding challenge) and it takes a very tough skin.” She adds, “I hope females continue to dominate this industry so more and more people find their safe space to become the best version of themselves.”

Kyra – Owner of UBX Ashgrove

Kyra, mum of three, took a chance at 41 years of age to leave a corporate career in order to pursue a future in fitness, and today has been the proud owner and operator of UBX Ashgrove for 8 years.

Having been a part of the network since the very start of its franchising journey, Kyra reflected on the emergence of greater female representation, saying, “I’m so proud to see so many female operators within the UBX network. We are supportive of each other, and it’s so great to see women of all ages operating their businesses, and we all know that we make a genuine difference in our members’ worlds. UBX is a great testament to strong women doing great things within their local communities.”

Olivia – Owner of UBX Mount Maunganui, UBX Mount Eden, and UBX Ormiston

Olivia challenges norms with her youthful leadership, at 27 years of age and owning three UBX locations across New Zealand, she shared, “It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business. I researched franchise opportunities and decided: I’m young, I’ve got nothing to lose, what better time to enter into a business I am passionate about to learn and grow.”

Reflecting on the growth of her community since opening her gym doors, Olivia said, “We are changing people’s lives! What a privilege it is to create a community and space that has the power to do this. The impact we have on people in the gym trickles into their life outside of the gym – and that’s the best part. When they win in the gym, they win in life too.”

She advises those facing self-doubt: “Work hard, and don’t let anyone make you think you aren’t good enough or deserving.”

Marie – Owner of UBX Belconnen and UBX Fyshwick Markets

Marie leads her gym with a focus that transcends gender norms, emphasising success through impact rather than gender.

“Honestly, I don’t even think of my gender… I just see myself as a successful business owner,” she said, adding, “I think I have attracted a team of like-minded individuals, male or female. I like to be inclusive and make all the team feel like they are not just employees, but stakeholders in the business. It’s ours, as opposed to mine.”

Bianca – Owner of UBX Birkdale

Bianca reflects on the progressive journey of boxing from a male-dominated sport to one of inclusivity. “Boxing used to be known as such a male-dominated sport, and it’s amazing that UBX has broken down this barrier,” she observes.

Adding further perspective as a mum of two, Bianca said, “I understand how easy it is to deprioritise your own health and wellbeing. Especially as a mum, we always put our families first and give ourselves (if any) a small percentage of what we might have left in our tanks… I am really working on finding the balance.”

Undeterred, Bianca said that any setbacks or challenges don’t impact her strive towards her goals, adding, “I didn’t know how to run a business. I didn’t know how to run a gym. I just knew I wanted to help people and my passion, drive, and persistence led me to where I am now. It goes to show that there is no limit to what we can accomplish as long as you work hard, trust in your instincts and be a good person. You will then attract good things.”

Rebecca – Owner of UBX Holland Village

Rebecca from Singapore brings an additional layer of inspiration: “Women are strong and capable, and can do anything. It’s great to see this idea change and evolve with UBX,” emphasising the transformative power of a supportive community.

“Even though times have changed, balancing a career with children remains a struggle,” she notes, acknowledging the reality many women face. However, she highlights UBX’s role in facilitating this delicate balance: “With more flexibility and access to fitness that works around various lifestyles, there has been progress in this area.”

Kayana – Manager of UBX Kagurazaka

Representing our team in Japan, Kayana shared, “I believe that this is a company where any woman can succeed as long as they are passionate about exercise and have the desire to support the health of many people,” emphasising that in the end it’s about creating a safe and positive environment that is welcoming to anyone interested in fitness, no matter their background.

Kayana added, “The most important thing when working in this industry is to have fun while exercising. Make that ‘fun’ contagious… enjoying the exercise is crucial.”

A Community of Strength and Support

Beyond their personal achievements, these stories highlight the collective effort to create an inclusive, supportive, and empowering fitness community at UBX and beyond.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we recognise and honour all of the exceptional women of UBX and our broader community for their role in driving forward a more inclusive, dynamic fitness industry.

Happy International Women’s Day!