Traditional Gyms VS UBX: Benefits of Boxing + Strength Group Training

November 28, 2023 at 11:41 pm by

Are you someone who feels like they’ve tried everything?

Maybe you’ve been a member at a large-format 24/7 gym, tried various online workout programs or apps, or even ventured into group classes but still haven’t found something that ticks all the boxes?

If you’ve never explored the world of boutique fitness, you might be skeptical about what a UBX membership can truly offer. But let’s delve into the unique benefits that set us apart, and how we can help you achieve your fitness goals like never before.

What makes UBX different from traditional gyms?

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that boutique gyms like UBX offer a distinct fitness experience compared to other traditional gyms. We have a greater ability to prioritise the individual needs of our members, and cater to your unique fitness journey in a way that’s not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable.

1-on-1 Coaching within Group Training

You might be intrigued by personal training but hesitant to commit to the cost. At UBX, we bridge this gap by offering 1-on-1 coaching within our group training sessions. Our experienced coaches will guide you, correct your form, and tailor your workouts to your fitness level, ensuring a personalised experience that yields results.

Community Engagement

Unlike the anonymity of large gyms, UBX fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Our members support and motivate each other, creating a community that is genuinely invested in your fitness journey. The power of a supportive community cannot be underestimated when it comes to achieving your goals.

Science-Based Programming

UBX workouts are grounded in science, ensuring that every session is optimised for results. Our athletics department is led by Danny Green, our co-founder, Head of Boxing and four-time world champion boxer, and Head of Strength and Conditioning, Brad Harrington, who has previously coached elite athletes sporting teams, such as the Wallabies, the Australian Rugby Team. This team carefully designs our boxing and strength programs to target various fitness aspects, including functional strength, conditioning, cardio, and agility, making your fitness journey well-rounded and effective.

Daily Workouts Programmed and Ready to Go

Convenience is key. At UBX, we take care of setting up the equipment for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting weights and machines, allowing you to focus solely on your workout.

The workout is set out across 12 rounds (or stations) with 1-4 exercises to complete within a 3 minute duration before progressing onto the next round. Each round has a Coaching Screen to guide you on your reps, demonstrate the movement, and even has aims, targets and challenges for things like: tempo, and what heart rate zone or number of reps to aim for.

What makes UBX different than other boutique gyms?

Results achieved through Boxing + Strength

One of the standout features of UBX is our incorporation of boxing into our fitness routines. Boxing isn’t just about throwing punches; it’s a fantastic full-body workout that improves coordination, agility, and cardiovascular fitness. Plus, it’s an exhilarating way to relieve stress and boost confidence. And, at UBX you learn from a coach, rather than sparring with other members, to continually develop your skillset and ensure ongoing progression.

In addition to boxing, we offer a comprehensive strength component in every workout. This means that you’re not just getting cardio; you’re building muscle, improving your metabolism, and enhancing overall strength. It’s a holistic approach to fitness that ensures well-rounded progress.

Hybrid-Flexible Fitness so you can train on your own schedule

Our workouts work around your world. We don’t have class timetables, so you can start your workout at a time that works for you. We offer the ultimate flexibility so you can get the most out of your membership. Our flexible start times mean you don’t have to book ahead, plus you can mix up your workouts to include 1-on-1 support during Coached Hours, independent training during Extended Access or workout anytime, anywhere with our On Demand app.

If you’ve never tried a boutique gym like UBX, now is the time to discover the incredible benefits that await you. Don’t let skepticism hold you back; our 1-on-1 coaching within a group setting, engaging community, science-based programming, and daily equipment setup provide an unparalleled fitness experience.

Plus, the added bonus of boxing and a comprehensive strength component ensures that your fitness journey will be effective, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Join us at UBX, and let’s embark on a fitness journey that will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your goals like never before.

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