Introducing Joanne: UBX Newport’s Everest Challenger

February 15, 2024 at 5:28 am by

UBX is a community where transformations are celebrated for their inspiration and the sheer determination they embody. Today, we’d like you to meet, Joanne from UBX Newport who is on her way to Everest Base Camp after winning the 17th Training Camp Major Prize.

Joanne receiving her first 100 visit Fighter’s Journey milestone at UBX Newport, Qld, Australia

A Leap Towards Everest

Joanne is gearing up for an adventure that once seemed beyond reach. Everest Base Camp was a dream until winning the Training Camp transformed it into an exhilarating reality. “Everest Base Camp has always been on my bucket list, however with work and kids it has never been a possibility or priority,” shared Joanne, also saying that she “always wanted to do it but this prize has given me the push” she needed to take the leap.

Training Camp Transformation

After a back injury that could have sidelined her ambitions, determined to take on the Training Camp, Joanne adapted her fitness routine with the help of UBX coaches, focusing on what she could do rather than what she couldn’t. This approach, combined with a balanced nutrition plan left her feeling “amazing” after the 6 week challenge and more prepared than ever for the demands of high-altitude trekking.

Joanne with her Coach, Amanda receiving the UBX Newport Training Camp prize

The Adventure Begins

With the trek on the horizon, Joanne has shared her excitement about experiencing the Himalayas’ unique beauty and culture. “This type of trekking experience is new to me,” she says, also adding that she “can’t wait to see the beautiful scenery and meet local Nepalese people”. The daunting flight into the world’s most dangerous airport adds a thrilling edge to her adventure, matched only by her anticipation of the supportive atmosphere she’ll share with fellow UBX’ers.

A Community of Support

What makes Joanne’s journey to Everest Base Camp even more special is the camaraderie of undertaking this challenge not only with fellow UBX members but also with members of her family who have also taken on the Everest Base Camp challenge. “Travelling with other UBX’ers and my family is an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for us to all have these memories together,” she shares. “I feel physically fit thanks to UBX however I know the Everest Base Camp trek is also about being mentally strong. I hope my training has helped with this and I’m sure everyone in the team will be very supportive, like everyone at UBX is daily.”

Joanne alongisde her fellow UBX’ers at Newport, receiving her 2nd Fighter’s Journey milestone for 200 visits.

Advice for other UBX’ers

As Joanne prepares for her trek, her advice to those taking on the UBX Training Camp is: “Work out what works best for you. We are all different with different circumstances… Set your own plan and goal, seek advice from your trainers about workouts and nutrition and don’t worry about what others are doing.”. With another exciting Climbing Mountains prize up for grabs, Joanne added, “These prizes really are the trip of a lifetime, a chance to tick off a bucket list goal or do something you never thought possible. There’s not too many places you can train to win a prize like this. Give it your all during training camp. It’s only 6 weeks and who knows where it could lead – could even be Mt Kilimanjaro!”

Stay tuned as we continue to follow Joanne’s journey to Everest Base Camp, where every step forward is a step towards achieving the extraordinary, supported by the strength and spirit of the UBX community.